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14 000 000 EUR

donated during the campaign

Continue supporting Ukraine


*only available in Lithuania


14 000 000 EUR

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A year ago, a violent war broke out in Ukraine. It changed all of our lives, those living in Ukraine and those across Europe.


During this time, we have shown extraordinary solidarity. To mark a year since the beginning of this brutal invasion, Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT), together with the organizations “Blue/Yellow“, “Laisvės TV“, “1K fondas“ and “Stiprūs kartu“ (“Strong Together”), called on to unite and participate in the campaign “RADAROM!” (Let’s radar!) from 30 January to 24 February.


The funds raised during the campaign were used to purchase multifunctional tactical radars. These radars are needed to monitor the airspace around strategically important objects in Ukraine. Protecting crucial infrastructure, such as power plants, water towers, etc., helps prevent disruptions to the lives of Ukrainians while the war continues. Let's not stop and keep supporting Ukraine together! 

J. Okmanas_Radarom.jpg

Jonas Ohmanas

Founder of the organisation “Blue/Yellow”

Missiles and drones launched by Russia pose a deadly threat to Ukrainian defenders and civilians. These radars will greatly contribute to defence against these Russian death dealers.


Andrius Tapinas

Founder and presenter of Internet television “Laisvės TV”

We have already shown that we can open our homes to those in need. We can even help purchase security equipment such as the “Bayraktar” military drone. Therefore, let's unite once again. Let's help Ukraine defend its crucial infrastructure from the enemy's attacks. Let's unite for victory in the fight for all of our freedom.

O. Šurajevas_Radarom.jpg

Olegas Šurajevas

Public figure, head of the support fund “1K fondas”

Let’s do everything to make this year the end of the war in Ukraine. Every contribution counts. One, two, three, four euros – it’s all part of our joint victory. Every civilian matters. Every soldier matters. Every euro counts. Let’s do everything we can.

E. Jakilaitis_radarom_3.jpg

Edmundas Jakilaitis

Initiator of the “Stiprūs kartu” organisation

A nation at war never gets tired, so how could we? As President V. Zelensky told me, if you feel tired, think about the soldiers at the front and the innocent Ukrainians dying. This initiative will help protect the Ukrainian people from Russia's terror, so everyone’s contribution is of the utmost importance. I know that the people of our country will continue showing support all the way until victory.


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